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    Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn about Global Detailing!

I started in the business back in 1990 with a detailing firm in Michigan. I worked there for 5 years and from there went to work for a fabricator for 5 years. I came to Ohio (Cleveland area) in December of 1999 and started my business, Global Detailing, Inc. I first started with a program called steel cad that I was using at the detailing firm. When I went over to the fabricator we bought SDS/2 and I started working with that. I have been working with SDS/2 when it was still in version 5.4. Now I am using the latest version and I love it even more! It’s a powerful detailing tool, with 3D modeling to eliminate shop and erection problems.

SDS2 Modeling

    As you can see from our contact page we employ a number of detailers that have structural and miscellaneous experience; coupled with the power of SDS/2 we are ready for any project. We also have the latest version of AutoCAD for those cases when we receive and/or the customer requests AutoCAD .DWG formatted files. We can detail the whole package from start to finish.

    While keeping up with technology we can service our customers better and more efficiently to help keep the project on time and moving. We have several options for drawing delivery whether you choose to send/ receive drawings via email or upload/ download drawings to or from our FTP or customer’s site. We can plot them for your convenience as well.

    We are looking to broaden our horizons with new customers all the time. If you need any drawing help please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you,
Anthony Cruz

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Design Team

Tony Cruz Anthony Cruz: President / CEO Senior Detailer & Project Manager
Phone: 330-926-0312   Ext. 1111
Front Desk GDI Administrative Assistant
Phone: 330-926-0312   Ext. 1115